So Long and Thanks for all the Tests

On Friday, October 23rd 2015 - received and processed it's last test. The testbots have now been superceded by DrupalCI - and test results are now displayed directly on was the home of automated testing for the Drupal project beginning in 2008 and with the help of many volunteers including u/boombatower, u/rfay, u/jthorson, and several others these testbots ensured the code quality of Drupal core and contributed projects from version 6.x for contrib and 7.x for core through to the 8.0.x core beta phase.

We want to thank these volunteers and all the others who have contributed to automated testing for Drupal over the years.

To learn more about DrupalCI and the new automated testing infrastructure for Drupal, you can read the DrupalCI documentation.