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Last receivedWed, 09/05/2012 - 13:14:19
Last requestedWed, 09/05/2012 - 13:15:03
Last testedWed, 09/05/2012 - 13:32:42
Test count1
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BranchDrupal Commerce - 7.x-1.x
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SummaryPASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 3,589 pass(es).


  1. Setup environment
  2. Detect an invalid patch URL
  3. Detect invalid repository information
  4. Detect invalid patch format
  5. Detect a non-applicable patch
  6. Detect invalid PHP syntax
  7. Detect a Drupal installation failure
  8. Detect a test run failure
  9. Detect a failing test
  10. Complete test suite with all tests passing
3,589 pass(es), 0 fail(s), and 0 exception(s)
Test namePassFailException
LeafCheckout process (CommerceCheckoutTestProcess) [Drupal Commerce]34300
LeafCommerce base (CommerceBaseTesterTestCase) [Drupal Commerce]21600
LeafCommerce sandbox (CommerceSandboxTestCase) [Drupal Commerce]2100
LeafCustomer user interface (CommerceCustomerUITest) [Drupal Commerce]39300
LeafOrder administration (CommerceOrderUIAdminTest) [Drupal Commerce]50000
LeafOrder CRUD (CommerceOrderCRUDTestCase) [Drupal Commerce]3900
LeafOrder Rules (CommerceOrderRulesTest) [Drupal Commerce]3100
LeafPayment Offsite (CommercePaymentOffsiteTest) [Drupal Commerce]3600
LeafPayment Rules (CommercePaymentRulesTest) [Drupal Commerce]2500
LeafPayment user interface (CommercePaymentUITest) [Drupal Commerce]19000
LeafProduct administration (CommerceProductUIAdminTest) [Drupal Commerce]51200
LeafProduct CRUD (CommerceProductCRUDTestCase) [Drupal Commerce]7300
LeafProduct reference (CommerceProductReferenceAdminTest) [Drupal Commerce]29300
LeafShopping cart (CommerceCartTestCaseSimpleProduct) [Drupal Commerce]14400
LeafShopping cart anonymous to authenticated (CommerceCartTestCaseAnonymousToAuthenticated) [Drupal Commerce]3400
LeafShopping cart attributes (CommerceCartTestCaseAttributes) [Drupal Commerce]4900
LeafShopping cart multiple (CommerceCartTestCaseMultiProducts) [Drupal Commerce]9400
LeafTax administration (CommerceTaxUIAdminTest) [Drupal Commerce]59600